Twin Flames Connection explained

The topic of twin flames is frequently misunderstood.

There are various web sites about its topic, with lots of definitions, theories, ponderings, ideals, and even experiences.

Each experience is distinctive, but it’s also pretty confusing.

What’re the basic facts about twin flames connection?

Just what exactly is a twin flame?

Once I first learned about my twin flame, I had no idea what that really meant nor had I ever even heard about the concept.

And, none of the web sites I found really could truly answer even the most elementary question without causing me major confusion.

what is a twin flame?

what’s a soul mate?

Are they the same thing?

I read so numerous different definitions that it boggled my brain.

Their answer was pretty simple: no they’re definitely not the same thing.

There are various kinds of soul mates, but the purpose of a soul mate is the same: they’re made to assist you to learn lessons, regardless of what type of lesson that could be.

These lessons, once learned, will assist the soul to evolve.

Soul mates are all part of a soul group, who contract with one another about which lessons to learn while on the Earth plane. 

Souls in the same soul group can incarnate as your lover, best friend, mother, father, grandparent, sibling, cousin, even your enemy.

You learn your life lessons with the aid of the soul mates in your soul group.

Twin flames are entirely different.

Twin flames are created by a soul, divided into two halves, each half preserves the masculine and female characteristics.

All of us have a twin flame, and no one may have one or more.

They’re the same exact vibration, and frequently have many common interests, qualities, dislikes, and likes, as well as comparable lessons to learn.


When the energies of both flames meet, it’s very vibrant since the souls recognize that bliss of being one.

But, then, it becomes more like a young kid losing interest in their most favored toy.

There’ll be arguments and resistance and in the relationship, regardless of what type of relationship it’s, will fizzle out.

You won’t have one twin who’s Jekyll and another twin that’s Mr.

The vibration is the same and as such can’t lead to wildly opposed energies within an incarnation.

Due to their close connection, the twins are frequently automatically attuned to one another and may experience everything from comparable emotions, cravings, and favored foods to have the same addictions, character flaws, thought patterns and even abilities.

Twin flames are each others mirror image from head to toe, external and internal. 

If it’s rare for twin flames to incarnate on Earth together, how do they actually meet?

When it’s the right time on the soul journey for twin flames to meet each other, the universe will create the terms and conditions that will make this meeting happen.

Usually, twin flames meet each other while one of them is traveling abroad or both, and they meet, and the magic happens with serendipity that surrounding them.

twin flame age difference – twin flame age gap and how to deal with twin flames age difference?

Twin flames age Gap is very common on twin flames relationships and twin flames connections.

Twin flames age gap can be 3 to 15 years, and usually, the gap of the years won’t mean a thing regarding to the couple’s ability to communicate or have a loving supportive relationship.

Let’s start with what is a twin flame

–  twin flame is a half of our soul.

When our soul has decided to incarnate into Earth into the third dimension into the physical body,  she split it into two pieces which have a masculine and feminine part.

Both parts of the Soul has been sent to Earth in order to ascend and evolve and have many lessons before they can meet each other.

In most cases, the two Souls twin flames are sent to the Earth in different locations.
Sometimes within few years Gap between them which can be after 15 or 20 years because each Soul has its part to do and to learn in separation before the two Souls can reunite.

Usually, we meet our twin flame in a late stage of our life, Around the age of 30 and up, after our soul has grown and been through some things and karmic relationships that needed to be solved.

Sometimes, we meet our twin flame for just a short glimpse whether it’s in Physical Realm or in our dreams ordering meditations if we Are Spiritual enough.

Twin flames reunion

But in most cases, when we reunite with our twin flames, it’s after both Souls has been through a challenge In their life,  and both of them Feel the urge to have someone to understand them and some inner feeling and knowledge that there’s another half of them out there that will make them feel complete.

Because each part of the Soul has its own way to do,  before the souls reunite,  this is the universe way,  to make sure they will meet when the time is right.

 Twin flame age difference – twin flame age gap and how to deal with twin flames age difference?

Usually, age Gap twin flames relationships happen in the late stage in our lives,  so most of us won’t even consider having this person as a potential partner, but after we grow up and have a relationship or two, Our whole perspective is changing,  And then we can consider this person to be our partner.

In most cases, twin flames partners are born in different countries, And sometimes even different continents and they speak different languages.

When twin flames reunite with each other, it happens in a way that makes the whole universe to do things in order for this meeting to happen.

Whether it’s during travel usually and plan to travel, whether it’s on some event you’re in without planning before, and it feels like serendipity has happened in order for this meeting to happen between those two Souls.

It can be someone who sits next to you on the plane. Twin flame can be your teacher on a course you didn’t plan to do, and most twin flames will tell you that it seems like so much had to attend in the universe in order for them to meet each other and reunite.

Once meeting your twin flame, there’s a sense of familiarity to both of Souls and you will feel after few minutes or instantly that you know each other for a long time.

This happens because you probably spend a lifetime together or few past life incarnations before this lifetime.

Most twin flames will say that despite the age Gap which sometimes is very big, they still, had a very special connection with your twin flame from the very first moment and that age Gap wasn’t a problem for them.

Why there’s twin flame age gap ?

In some cases, one of the twin souls in incarnating to earth before the other one because it has some issues to solve.

So, if your twin flame is bigger or smaller than you once you meet each other, both of you will have a journey to do before you can be reunited forever, and sometimes are twin flame enter into a life in order to trigger some higher evolving and to make us grow with or without them.

Meeting your twin flame

You can be sure that meeting your twin flame will change your life forever because you will feel unconditional love and receive unconditional love,  that will change your whole perspective about relationships emotions and love.

If you’ve met your twin flame and he or she is bigger or smaller than you, And you’re feeling good with this relationship, and once it’s your TwinFlame-  you will feel amazing-  try to avoid What other people have to say about this relationship and connection,  because this is Once in a lifetime relationship and it’s very valuable.

Most twin flames relationships experiencing challenges related to age and distance gaps, so try not to fall to this trap and create unnecessary difficult with your twin-flame partner.

Being in a relationship of twin souls is the most fulfilling relationship you can have.

This relationship will make you feel complete and whole again.

What can you do if your Twin flame is married or Twin flame in relationship with someone else

One of the most common questions about twin flames connection is – What can you do if your Twin flame is married to someone else or  your Twin flame in a relationship with someone else ?

A twin flame connection is usually a connection where both of the souls has a process to go through and sometimes there are challenges to solve, especially in the beginning of the relationship.

In most cases, our twin flame will enter into our life after having a complicated karmic relationship, in which we got unsolved issues from past lives.

Sometimes, this karmic relationship hasn’t been solved or ended yet, and then our twin flame shows up, mess our heart and soul deeply, and makes things to change and the deep process of ascension, starts.

Because, even if we’re in an unhappy relationship, when we are in our comfort zone, we won’t make any changes in our life.
But once we see some other alternative in our twin flame that shows us what unconditional love feels like, or that we can be loved again and the world can have many colors, it will move something deep inside our soul, and this love will get you back to life again, and once having this feeling and light in your life, you will crave for more, and being apart from your twinflame will hurt.

Only when we feel pain, we can make a change much more easily and it will motivate us to make a move into being happier.

People who met their twin flames, will describe it as a hugh change in their life, and this connection is like nothing you never felt or known before.

Its like both of you feel like you found your other half and this connection is so strong in all levels, and you’re whole body and chakras reacts to this meeting, and something big is being activated energeticly inside both of you and you just want to have more of that.

It’s like thw whole world stops when both of you are together and it’s a divine connection and you feel like you reach to heaven on earth, and so is your partner.

A Soulmate connection is also related to familirty, since soulmates are people from our past lives, and theres a lot of romantic relationships between soulmates that also got great harmony.

But twinflames connection makes you reunite with another part of you.
So once meeting each other and feeling that, when you let go of each other or being separated, you will feel that someone has tear a part of your heart and soul.

So, if one or both of you is married or in a commited relationship, usually one of you will become the runner and the other one the chaser, and it can lead into a very big frustration to both sides when one of them will decide not to be in a relationship because it’s too complicated or painful and mess their life.

Even if you got dragged into a love affair with your twin flame, you will find out quite soon that this is too powerful to be a hidden relationship.


What can you do when your twin flame is married to someone else or twin flame is unavailable emotionally or phisically  and decide to end the relationship?

well, there’s not much that you can do but understanding that you need to trust the universe.

My suggestion is to make sure your twin flame knows how you are feeling and let them know that you are there for them and let them go.

If this is your true twinflame, and not some crazy crush on soul mate, you can be sure that they will feel the same way as you do.

They won’t be able to have a day without thinking about you and they will feel incomplete as you are.

And when the time is right, they will receive messages from the universe or a sudden meeting will occur, and it will create the change inside of them.

Sometimes this change can take for years because they still got unsolved karmic things with their partner, or it’s not the right time for reuniting with you.

In some cases, meeting your twin flame will trigger a big change inside of you and will motivate you to keep groeing and take this energy and used it to create things, and maybe, eventually you won’t be together, and you’ll have to live with that.

This is why You shouldnt put your life on hold and move on from your twin flame.

Practice a lot of self love and compassion for your self so your twin will have this process too.

When your twin flame is running away, if you chase them, they will run faster and much more far.

If you’ll stop chasing, they will be able to feel that you are missing in their life, and they will start feel the need for your energy and what being next to you make them feel like.

Try to remember how many things needed to happen in order for you to meet, if this is your twinflame, it was probably related into a destiny meeting when the universe managed it all.

So trust the universe that if it brought you to meet each other once, it will make you meet again when the right time will come.

Just let go, send your twin flame a lot of love and when it’s going to be your time to reunite, the universe will bring you together again.

If your twin flame is married to someone else and you need to be together in this lifetime, the universe will make that happen, all you have to do is waiting for your twin flame to reunite with you on the right time and the right place.




Twin Flames Both Married To Someone Else What To Do – Should I Get Divorce For My Twin Flame?

One of the hardest things in twin flames connection is bad timing.

It’s hard enough realizing that all your life there’s that perfect someone for you who search for you too and lived not too satisfying life so far without you, but once both of you are married or in a relationship with family or kids, it’s much harder.

What can you do if you and your twin flame are both married but not to each other? 

Let’s try to solve this thing and first – you must check if this is your true twinflame.

Once married people get to the routine of family life and sometimes one or two of the parties stops investing in the relationship, it makes one or both of them feel a huge emotional and sometimes physical void, and it leads into loneliness.

And then the knight on the white horse or the shining princess arrives, they both lonely, in need and they find exactly what they were searching for to complete all the missing things in their marriage life.

It’s easy. You got together just the fun part of the relationship, no kids, no bills, no boring routine and this strong passion that light up your life.

There’s no judgment because you are in love and blinded and you find someone who shares the same frustration, which gives your connection a stable ground to start from and you are right away sure that this is your one and true love – You have found your twinflame!

Reality check – is this really your twin flame

Since a lover is getting into our life when we are in a very big need for love and affection and so are they, and they light this fire of passion within us, it’s hard to determine if this is a true twinflame or just a soulmate who came into our life to trigger us to recheck our life, our relationships, our goals, and our needs.

Just try to think about it that after not eating for 2 weeks, even a dried bread will be tasty.. You understand what I mean?


Don’t rush to conclusions that this is your true twinflame.

Don’t rush to break up your marriage life.

I see people falling in love with the fantasy of dreamy lover, and they mess their whole life to discover that once the thrill and excitement of the secret lover or secret relationship is gone, there’s less fire and passion and you have to deal with divorce and the wrecks of what used to be your family. And sometimes it ends up bad.

If you are sure that this is your twinflame, great.

Now try to take a time out and to eliminate that person from your life.

Take a month or two to try and restore the love with your partner at home.

Try to give them for a while the same love, warmth, and affection you are giving to your lover.

Take them to a romantic holiday, even for just one night in a hotel from time to time, buy them small gifts, treat them as they are your lover without expecting to get anything back!

Yes, they will notice the change, they might or not respect you more and treat you better.

Try to disconnect from your lover as hard as it is for 2 months. 

See if there’s any change at home if you are in less need to get something from the outside, because if you gonna get to divorce at some point – you will know that you tried to do everything you can to make this marriage to work.

If you will decide to separate from your husband or wife, you will be complete with the decision – knowing you did it for yourself and not for someone else.

And again – It might be your twin flame and it may not, but if you both decide to break your family – no one promise you that it will be mutual.

No one promise they won’t change their mind at the crucial moment when they realize the consequences.

You should get a divorce when you feel you’re not getting enough from your relationship and when you know things won’t get better after you tried everything you could.

My Twin flame is married to someone else and I am single

If you find the most amazing partner and they are married to someone else, give them the time and space to evaluate their marriage and their partner.

Make sure you’re not just feeling a big emotional lack your partner has as result from a sad lonely marriage life.

I know it’s hard but if you really think that this is your twinflame and it’s a mutual feeling, let them know you will wait for them once they will be available for you – emotionally and physically – no matter how amazing is the sex between you – but do it for yourself because as long as you are the third wheel – no one promise you it won’t end up with a heartbreak.

If this is your true twin flame, trust the universe that they won’t be able to ignore the strong awakening in their soul and that at some point they will leave their marriage, but you don’t want to be the reason for that.

If you need to be together it will happen by itself, but don’t compromise.

If you decided to get divorced 

Good for you, just make sure you are doing that for the right reasons for yourself and not for someone else.

Happiness will come.

If this is your twinflame – they will come at the right time for the relationship to grow.

It won’t be an easy journey but in order to have a relationship with your twinflame and live together, you need to be whole inside and together you will create a new thing.

Sometimes a lover is mistaken to be a twinflame and they are usually soulmates who come to help us or awaken us to start living our life.


All I’m saying is to lower your expectations and make sure you are synced with each other and your goals.

Try to take some time off with your lover for 2-3 days together to see how you work out together when its more than just short meetings for sex.

Don’t rush.

Once you are sure this is your twinflame – do your things and give them time to sort their life too and then allow the universe to lead both of you to the right time and place.

Try to consult an astrologer about the best time to do that change.

Astrologers can predict divorce or marriage or significant relationship so you can know better how valuable this lover is to your life.

Good luck and you can write to me to :



What To Do If Your Twinflame Relationship Is Over? twin flames separation pain

I wanna talk to you today about something which is less nice in twinflames relationships – what to do when you’re twinflame relationship is over and how to deal with twinflame separation pain.

What you can do when your twin flame decides that it’s over for him or for her?

It can happen for a few reasons:
maybe it’s not a real twin flame- it’s a fake twinflame or just a soulmate.

maybe it’s not yet the time for you to be together, because you know as we said our twin flame is the love of our life and they need to accept us unconditionally and this is everlasting love.
But sometimes it’s not the right time or they are not ready yet for accomplishing this relationship.

so anyway I want to talk to what you can do once it’s over and I can share from my personal story of meeting my false twin flame about a year ago.
For almost a year I was sure he is my twinflame.

He had most of the signs for twinflame relationship, besides a few little differences.
At some point, he decided to move on with someone else, and though I had a very intense strong love for him, I just knew inside that if he is my true twinflame, things will change and we will be together eventually.

I knew that it’s his call because we were living in different countries, and I couldn’t move myself to his country and he could, but decided not to.

As I decided to release and let the universe make us meet again if we need to, I moved on with my life.
4 months later I met my true twinflame on a trip to Europe.
Just then I realized that the first one was probably a soulmate.

Twin flames separation – what can you do about it

As painful as it sounds, you just need to move on with your life.
You need to accept that you might be together and you might not.
Be happy for that magical thing happened inside of you that has awakened your soul, triggered things and help you grow.

I believe you have arrived in this article and into this channel because you were
searching about Twin Flames or soulmate or special connection and you have discovered that there’s the thing called Twin Flames and you think that you had it.

Put your pain to the side for a second and try to look at how spiritual growth you had since you met this person who came into your life –
whether they are your Twin Flames or not.

They made you grow and they made you search and try to find the answers to the
situation and try to be a better person.

Our twinflames makes us be better humans

Our Twin Flames make us grow in order to allow us to be open emotionally and spiritually.
They are unlocking our soul energy.

And sometimes – as it happened to me – it was just a preview to our true twinflame that need to arrive. It’s a preparation to open us to this idea.

My true twinflame is from Costa Rica and I’m from the middle east – the other side of the world.
If I didn’t have the experience with the false twin flame and if I hadn’t read about, I probably miss the chance to be together with my true twin flame with all the distance and challenges we had.
But yet, exploring this whole twinflames thing and knowing the signs- has allowed me to identify him as my true twinflame within few hours and to be able to feel that connection.

Our twin flame is our mirror

being in a relationship with your twin flame is being with a relationship with yourself.
once you feel this unconditional love and this wholeness inside of you, you can feel complete with yourself and then you can make your dreams come into your life and keep the spiritual work to grow.

Meeting our twinflame changes our perspective on life.
We become a better version of yourself.
We are in love and we want to feel better and spread this love all over.
It opens a door to abundance and opportunities to get into your life because you are synced with the energy of the universe which brought you to meet each other and experience this magic.

All you have to do now is trust the universe to meet you again at the right time and place.

Try to build your carreer, your business, try to take all this frustration on creation and being creative.

Try to see how you can keep your vibration high and help other people find their path.
Trust me, that can only get you closer to meeting your twinflame.

Be open to meeting new people, because maybe your true twinflame is on the way.

When I got separated from my false twinflame, I was sure he is the one.
We had such a good harmony and connection, but I knew I had to move on so I didn’t stop myself from living and exploring myself and the world.

I noticed I’m still in sync with the universe and did all I can to keep being happy.

When your twinflame don’t want you

If your twin flame says he doesn’t love you anymore – you need to let go of him or her.
Don’t let the anger or the ego to bother you or disturb and just release them with love and light.
You should tell them that you love them and you will be here and if it’s gonna be right you gonna be together.

In the last few years, there are so many crazy energetic shifts that create changes and sometimes rock our world.
Try to be on the flow of life and energy and let life lead you to the right place and the right people.

I can tell you that with my true twinflames – we separated two days after meeting each other and it was so painful to both of us, but we knew it’s impossible to be in a relationship with 12,000 km between us.
And yet, when it was right – I suddenly had a big amount of money and free time to go for 10 days to see him, and in the last 7 months we’ve been together 4 times for a total of 40 days – we both divorced very busy parents.
So we learn not to plan and just wait for the universe to send us the opportunity.

We tried to break up many times but we know that we will never find this kind of connection with anyone, and sometimes it’s enough that we don’t speak much in 2-3 busy days to take us out of balance.

We don’t know if we will meet each other in 2 or 5 months, but we both trust the universe that we will meet at the right time and place and it’s gonna work out easily.

You can try to meet new people, don’t spend your life crying and being stuck when they are not available or even married.
Let them have their processing and you can also find good love with a soulmate that can help to ease your pain.

Ask things to happen for the good of all the people involved, and just let it go.

I’m sending you a lot of love and light,
Good luck on your journey,


Twin flame connection too intense – Reasons And What To Do

I want to talk to you about something that a lot of people ask me through emails about twin flames connection being too intense and what can you do about it.

Well, the first thing you should know about twin flames connection is that when you meet your twin flame, it’s like when two parts of your soul are meeting again.

It’s like that you have been separated for decades or even few lifetimes and suddenly you meet each other again, so yes,  there’s a lot of intensity because it feels like you’ve been married for someone for 20 years and then you got separated when love didn’t die, and you meet each other again.

Your whole body feels excited and energetic and you feel like you got back a piece of your soul.

You feel complete again. 

So this is the intensity that you’re getting once meeting your twin flame and if you’re a person which is not too spiritual before and if you’re after having very hard problematic relationships or being hurt in the past, reuniting with your twin flame is something that can hit you like a lightning strike.

This is something that is so intense, and feels like your whole body reacts to this meeting and you want to see them again and you  just want to have each other and it’s sometimes can be so scary because you will feel like you’re losing your grip on reality and you feel like time has stopped and you’re in another dimension with your twin flame when you are together.

It’s like the whole universe stops for a second or four hours or four days or whenever you’re together and this is something that makes you feel like you’re losing control.

You both attracted to each other like strong magnet and you just want to see them and you have no idea why and they also don’t know why because this is a powerful, intense and crazy connection like anything you felt before in any relationship in the past.

That’s why this twinflame relationship is so intense –

because there are two souls and there is a lot of familiarities and you feel like you came back home.

you feel like you’ve met your other half – the one you’ve been waiting for all your life.

They are there and it’s real and it feels like fantasy and it feels too perfect to be true and no one around you can understand that connection and people think you got crazy.

You are happy and in love with your heart open and it does not always allow you to live the dream of the two of you together and don’t know what to do about it because part of you is afraid that’s gonna end,
and part of  you is afraid that it’s not real and you’re fantasizing and it hits both of you in a very strong way.

it takes control of your life and changes your perspective forever, so that’s why it’s so intense.

You got no idea what you can do about it.

If you’re aware of this whole twin flame relationship behavior – usually one of the partners is more evolved spirituality and the other one is less.

What you can do is to take some space between you.

Let them be the chaser and not runner in the relationship.

Try to be busy from time to time and let them find the need for you within themselves.

I remember when being with my twin flame for a few intense days together,  and every once in a while it was like I needed to get some space – like going out to the grocery shop or going out to get some air even for few minutes just to feel him away and then getting back to him and it was so good.

When you are together with your twinflame there’s a strong energetic intensity that needs to get balanced or relaxed sometimes.

Some people react with diarrhea or even illness because of this intensity of the energy between you that need to be synced.

Usually, before meeting your twinflame your body will feel this energetic tension so it can be hard to sleep before or after. Try to meditate or do chakra balance meditation with crystal bowls on youtube. just search for one like that. it really helps!

Twinflames vibration

When you meet your twinflame , the energetic connection vibrates in a very high frequency and you both need to adjust to that.

It’s especially hard if one or both of you are married to someone else because it can be too intense and you will need that quiet place to get balanced and digest this connection.

Your soul and heart are being nurtured by this connection and once it’s not there next to you, it feels like you are empty inside.

In case that one of the twinflames has been alone for a long time with his heart closed, it can freak them out and make them run away even though you are the most amazing thing that has happened to them. But don’t worry. if they are your twinflames – they will be back.

Just let them digest it and sort things out within themselves.

Let them know how you feel about them and that you are waiting for them and give them time and space they need.

It might take a few days, months, and even years, but if you chase them when they are still not ready – it might make them run away more.
Just trust the universe, be patient and keep your self busy with things that make you feel good about yourself.

Trust the universe that if you met once, you will meet again at the right time and in the right place. Respect the process they need to go through and give them and you the time.

Ask yourself what you can learn from this situation and what things you still need to solve with yourself in order to manifest this relationship.

No one knows what’s gonna happen but just try to understand them and don’t be mad at them if they need space.

Try to enjoy this while you can because it’s not always forever and I do hope that it will be for you.

I will be glad to hear what you thinking in comments or through email :

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so take care for now and bye.

Twin flames same gender- Can twin flames be gay or transexual? Same gender twin flame

One of the most common questions about the twin flames connection or soulmates connection is whether they can be from the same sex or even when one of them is transgender.

Since twin flames connection is all about soul connection, and since it’s already known that in the last years there’s a change in our perception towards gender, so the answer is – Yes, it’s possible!

Each one of us has a feminine and masculine part inside and as the person makes spiritual work to grow, the gap between the feminine and the masculine within us is getting shorter.

Same gender twin flames

That’s why you can find today so many lesbian and gay couples that work great in harmony together – since they can get synced to both of their sides and with each other with harmony.

The old patterns of Male and Female are not relevant anymore so that people can choose the place in which they feel more comfortable to be.

You can find today a lot of sensitive man and aggressive woman or trans men or woman, that have realized their soul is not just the external body and they can be and love whoever they want.

That is also the reason why there’s a lot of transgenders coming out in the last few years.

People can’t define themselves by the regular patterns anymore and some of the soul paths are to find the right way to live in this life – in the right body form – whether it’s a male or female – and if you got the wrong body – it can definitely be fixed into the right one.

Being a transgender twinflame

Transgender people have a lot of spiritual and self-work to do in order to have the courage to be who they are and accept themselves and be in a place were the society accept them.

That’s one of the lightworkers symptoms and once they reach that promised land, there’s a great chance for them to meet their twinflame partner that will accept and love them the way they are and complete them from the feminine of masculine aspect that’s missing,  and soulmates to help them along the way with love and support through the process.

Gay or lesbian twinflames

You can see in the last years a lot of gay men or lesbian woman twinflames connection who live happily together and feel complete with each other.

So, if you are straight or bi and met this person who got into your life and you think it’s your twin flame, we suggest reading the article about twin  flame signs .

Accept that when it comes to our twinflames – the universe will make it happen and when you need to meet each other and be with each other – it’s just gonna be easy.

Try to release all the judgment and former opinions and what people have to say and search for that place that will make you feel complete and alive.


Soulmate connection – 11 signs that you have met your soulmate or soulmates in this lifetime

With the growing awareness and energies that we are experiencing in the last few years, we can see a different kind of relationships and people in our life as soulmate or soulmates, with a different vibe than what we use to know in our partnerships so far.

Most people are aware of the fact that there’s a life after death and that we are more than just flesh and blood, and that there are things that we may not be able to understand, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

Soulmate – what is a soulmate? 

Until the discovery of twinflames in the last couple of years, people used to think that finding your soulmate means finding true love.

Well, that’s partly true since soulmate love is true love that has begun in past life with people from our soul family.

You love them and they love you in an unexplained way, but yet, if you’re searching for “the one” or “the other half of your soul” – That’s your Twinflame, and you got only one of that.

When it comes to your soulmate – you can have few or many of them as a romantic partner, your family member, your co-workers, or your best friends.

Our soulmates not always stay here forever and they are here with us to help each other grow, and reach mutual spiritual goals in the journey of the soul ascension.

Soulmate symptoms How you recognize your soulmate? 

Here are some signs that you have found one of your soulmates in this lifetime:

  • You feel that you know each other instantly
    Since you both shared time together in your past life, both of you will start talking and talking like a meeting with an old friend, even if you just met.
  • You and your soulmate care about each other
    Did it ever happen to you that you met someone who got into trouble and you just felt the need to help them even if you don’t know them that well?
    Once you are in connection with your soul mate, you both will care about each other like family members.
  • You can be yourself next to your soulmate
    When you are next to your soulmate, no drama, ego or masks needed. You can feel and read each other and see through everything, so save yourself the lies and stories. There’s acceptance without judgment so you can feel comfortable with your soulmate.
  • The first time you meet your soulmate will happen in special circumstances
    Meeting your soulmate on the first time will usually happen when you least expect it to happen and usually it will be when one or both of you will go somewhere in an unplanned event or the last minute – such as friends meeting or going somewhere by mistake.
  • You and your soulmate got telepathic abilities with each other
    You will discover that you and your soulmates have telepathy such as one is thinking about the other and he’s calling, you were looking at this beautiful clothes and your soulmate bring it to you as a gift, you’re having the same ideas and etc.
  • Your soulmate will enter your life when you need him or her the most
    Did it ever happen to you that you were in a crisis and you just met someone of a friend or a colleague that help you with solutions, support or was there for you with the exact need you had?
  • There’s synchronicity from the universe all around you 
    When you meet your soulmate things start to work out at the right time and the right place, abundance is opening for both of you with opportunities that come to both of you. Things happen easily without any effort.
  • The connection with your soulmate feels like family
    In most cases, our soulmates will be friends or family but sometimes they can be romantic partners. However, that won’t last as a romantic relationship for all of your life but in most cases, you will stay good friends for a long time because this connection is like with a family member, and it’s hard to disconnect from it because it feels like a second home for you.
  • Your soulmate make you feel safe and secure
    If you’re dealing with something hard or having a bad day, your soulmate will always know how to make you feel better about yourself or say the right word you needed to hear to get your happiness and hope back. You can always lean on each other no matter what.
  • Time has no meaning in your relationship with your soulmate
    When you are in a soulmate connection with someone, you will discover that you can share hours, days or weeks together and then get disconnected for years or months without talking or meeting, and once you renew that connection it will feel like you were meeting each other yesterday without any hard feeling or ego involved.
  • You got no jealousy between you and your soulmate
    Even if you were romanticly involved with each other when it’s gonna be the right time to separate, both of you will know that you are better apart. You can stay in the relationship as friends and you will feel no jealousy about your soulmate new partner because you want them to be happy with all of your heart.

As said at the beginning of this article, a lot of people mistake between soulmates and twinflames – which are different things.

You can have few or many soulmates but you can only have one twinflame which will be “the one” that’s you’ve been waiting for all of your life, and that is the best connection in a romantic relationship that you can find.

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What does twin flame means? Is a twin flame is a soulmate? Twin flame connection explanation

If you heard before the new age term for spiritual connection between people which called “Twin flames“, you were probably wondering what it means.

We meet a lot of people in our lives in all kind of ways – Through our work, travel, meeting in the park, when some of them are soul friends – people who shared time or lifetime with us in our previous past life or incarnations.

Even if you don’t believe in that, stay till the end..

Some of the people we are close to in our life – such as our family members, our kids, our partners in life or business – are from our soul group.

You can recognize them once you feel very attached and close to someone with emotions or immediate affection or even hate involved, and both of you have come to work on karmatic issues together.

How to recognize a soul mate?

Usually, we got an instant connection with them, from those people that after few hours together you feel like you know each other for all of your life.

Another thing is that you care about each other, you help them or they help you and there’s a very supportive connection.

Our soulmates usually stay for a long period in our life, and even if you’ve been apart from them for years, every time you meet each other you still feel mutual love to each other.

Sometimes soulmates can be romantic partners of us, but at some point it’s not gonna work and you will stay good friends and take care of each other all of your life.

We can have few or many soulmates in our life, and once the lesson we came to solve is solved, they will usually move on to the next soulmate and evolvement in their own path.

And yet, we can only have just one twinflame.

What is a Twin flame? Twin flame connection signs

A twinflame is the other half of our soul.

There’s 144,000 people on earth which incarnated as twinflames.

When the soul incarnated to earth to the physical body, it has been split into two parts – two halvs that complete each other – A masculine and a feminine part.

Twinflames are lightworkers with some soul missions and once each part of them has finished most of the things he needed to do here, the other twinflame will come into our life for twinflames reunion.

Twin flames reunion – Twinflames reunion

Once we meet our twin flame it will activate something deep within our soul, awaken us and show us what true unconditional love feels like, and we get connected to our inner source, together with our other half.

You can read more about Twin flames signs here, and how to recognize them.

Once you met your twin flame, your relationships will never be the same.
It’s like the most divine connection between two people, in all kinds of levels.

It’s pure unconditional love and you feel that you never get enough of it and that time stops by.

You know each other from the very first moment and the passion between you is something you’ve never experienced before.

You both feel mutual emotions to each other.

There’s no need for drama, ego, or to hide yourself.

You can feel and read each other and complete each other’s sentences.

You come from different places and share the same values for life.

The good and the bad part of it is that you can’t forget them or ignore that amazing unique connection you got with each other and sometimes it hurts because you can’t always be together right away, and there’s a path that both of you need to go through.

But once you’re together, it’s the best thing you will experience.

Twin flames reunion is when your soul is coming back home.

Twin flames separation after reunion

In most cases, after meeting your twinflame, there’s a separation which needed for both twins to keep growing and walk on their path, before they can manifest the relationship and live together.

Twin flames Runner Chaser

Usually one of them is running away, while the other one is chasing.

That meeting is so powerful and meaningfull and it open your heart and change your life forever and people are scared of that.

As I wrote – it’s the best thing that can happen to you and the worse, because you can’t live without it and you get addicted to it like a drug. Your soul is attracted like a magnet to your twinflame and both of you need each other so bad that it hurts.

In some cases twin flames meet each other when one of them is still married or unavailable or too far away, and it triggers a lot of things which are hard to handle with, so it’s easier to run away and try to avoid these emotions because it’s not comfortable.
When it’s your true twinflame, you can’t ignore this relationship for too long and the universe will give you the signs and create the circumstances that will make you be with each other and meet on the right time and the right place.

Our twinflame is our mirror.

They will show us the good and the bad part of ourselves, without filters.

They will make us feel like we’re home, and they can piss us because they can see right through us. You can’t lie or hide things from them.

They know you in the best way, they know what you need, even if you know each other for just 1 day.

If you reach here, you probably met or will meet your twinflame soon,.

That’s the universe way to tell you that you’re on the right path and that it’s possible.

Just keep the good vibe, keep believing and stay on the good side of karma.

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Twin flames who can’t be together – long distance / married / wrong timing for twin flames relationship

One of the most common things that twin-flames who finally met each other and feel the best feeling in the world , realize quite soon that they are not able to live together and fullfil this relationship on real life.

If you’ve met your twin flame, you probably know that it feels like the most perfect connection that you ever had with someone and it happens very fast, this knowing that you are willing to live the rest of your life with that person and you are unseparatable.

With the joy of finding and reuniting with your twin flame partner, comes the reality, which not allways allowing the two souls to be together and reunite forever.

In most cases there’s still karmic issues and work that has to be done from both sides, in different or the same perspective, and once they will be accomplished, it will be possible for this relationship to work.

Twin flames long distance relationships

Since the two souls incarnating into different places on earth, there’s some issues that each twin flame need to s

That’s why there’s a lot of long distance relationships, because twinsouls get to meet each other through travelling, or through the internet, they just feel that need to find that person, and then they can’t let it go.

In some cases, twin souls comes to our life when we are not certain about our relationship so it’s common to find your twinflame when one or both sides are married or in a complecated relationship.

The entrance of our twinflame to our life, is feeling us with love and life and you can never be the same after meeting your twinflame.

You’re getting alligned with the universe energy, with light and you understand that all the relationships you experienced until that moment that your twinflame came into your life, were meaningless. It feels like coming home.

From that moment all you care about is your twin flame and how you can be together and it can be frustrating when you relalize it’s going to take time because all kind of reasons.

So you try to disconnect and let go, but your soul is longing to feel that completion feeling again, to feel alive, and both of you knows that it’s a matter of time until you will be together again.

It’s like seeing the world in black and white and then one day someone turn on the color button. You need more of that.

So what you can do if your twin flame is married or unavailable?

In some cases they will run. Allow them.

Let them know you love them and how you feel for them. Leave the ego aside, and let them know that you gonna wait for them.

Then – move on with your life.

Keep yourself busy as much as possible till you will meet your twin flame again.

Go out, have fun, try to feel that space, find a hoby, learn something or start your own business.

Let go and trust the universe that you will meet each other again when the time will be right. It’s going to just work out easily.

Trust me. I know. Me and my twin flame have 12,000 km between us, little kids, very demanding jobs, and we met 4 times in the last 7 months.

When we tried to plan it didn’t work , but when the time was right everything was working out perfectly with the universe support.

I know it’s hard, but as much as you will try, you will just get more frustrated and if it’s meant to be it will be.

If your twin flame is in a relationship that doesn’t seem to end soon, find a new partner for yourself instead of staying alone for too long.

It may be or not be your twin flame, and in many times we meet a false twinflame before we meet our true twinflame, so you don’t want to waste your life waiting for the wrong person and miss the right one.

I’m suggesting for you to watch the movie “Serendipity” – It’s a kitchy romantic comedy that talks about twin flames connection and explains the laws of the universe.

So just keep the faith, stay in the light, meditate, imagine it happens and use the laws of attraction to make it happen if it should.

And if after you’ve done everything you can and you’re still not together – let it go. The universe probably got better plans for you.

Take care,