Twin flames reuniun physical symptoms – intense body energy before meeting your twin flame or soulmate

Before meeting my twin flame its been crazy. My body was like nothing I knew before.
Here are my symptoms.

On the day I met my twin flame for the first time, I felt intense energies, with strong jumps from highs to lows, it was like my body knew that I’m about to meet my twinflame.

It was a full moon in Libra energies on April 11th, 2017, and I’m very sensitive to energetic shifts so I remember that I felt frustration and even cried half of the day and all of the sudden I became happy and full of joy.

I remember feeling the restless, strong and fast heartbeat, no appetite, and like a mix of energies in my body, which was excited towards reuniting with my twin flame for the first time.

Once we start touching each other, it’s like all this intense energy could go out and explode and after the explosion, I felt like I found what I’ve been looking for all of my life.


Meeting my twin flame for the second and third time

On the next times before meeting him, it felt the same.

Both of us couldn’t sleep the night before, we were restless, we had no appetite and all of a sudden crazy craving for meat.

It’s an intense energy that runs inside your body, and you can relax once holding each other and hugging, breathing deep and let your soul reunite with your other half.

And then you feel so peaceful like coming home and the world stops.

It’s a divine connection and before meeting your twin flame, you can feel all of your chakras opening up, receiving, sensitivity, you are irritated from anything, and you just need to be left alone and to find your center.

I remember trying to work on the days we met each other, it was impossible!

Also, when we were in separation period, we had dreams about each other, and that what made him come back after running and being afraid.

So, if you feeling these things, just take a step back, take some rest of just meditate or take a walk in the park to help yourself relax and wait for amazing things to happen.

It felt like animals know when an earthquake is about to happen – your body knows, just listen to it and to the messages that the universe is sending to you.


Twin Flames sexuality distance – Twin flames intimacy

When two twin flames meet each other, a sacred union is happening.

Two parts of one soul, are reuniting,
and that creates sparks and big massive energy connection in many dimensions and levels.

This is the reason why intimacy and sexuality between twinflames,
is one of the most talks about things when it comes to twin flames relationship.

Twin flames are being created, when the soul is being sent to the physical 3rd dimension.
The soul splits into 2 parts so that each part can ascend and grow and learn its lessons on earth.

Once the souls have reached the right time and process of evolvement, they will meet on earth in a meeting that will change their life forever.

A twin flame encounter is like meeting your other half,
and prior to this meeting,
you will get signs from the universe and new ideas will come to your mind,
regarding love, and emotional connection.

So, when twin flame souls connect and reunite after year, decades or few past lives, for the very first time in their life they feel complete.

They feel that they’re searching for the right partner has come to an end, and that they have reach home.

 Twin Flames sexuality distance – Twin flames intimacy – how it feels

I can share that when I’ve had intimacy with my partner since I’m quite a spiritual person,
and very connected to energies, I saw a vortex that unites our souls together,
and both of us felt like we’re about to explode, and this was very intense energy.

This energy also left us charged with a crazy never-ending passion for each other,
and my partner which usually can have sex once a day found himself awake for me,
and had 5-6 times of sex every day with me!

This twinflames sexuality will your body energy regenerate, Your kundalini awake and alive,
and it’s been one of the most amazing sexual experiences I had.

It’s like you and your twin flame are synced at all levels and you can’t get enough of each other.
Your chakras are awakened and sync with your partner’s chakra.
and if you are sensitive enough, you can feel this chakra’s connection,
and it’s so deep and strong in a way you can’t ignore it.

Your ego will disappear in a twin flames connection

Once there’s twinflames connection, there’s no ego, boundaries, fear or games.

You can feel safe to let the real you to go outside and meet the other person,
and so does he.

This is what makes the whole difference between twinflames connection and soulmates or regular connection.

So, if you found your twin flame, you are so lucky, because this union is quite rare,
and not all people on earth in this era get to have this.

Enjoy it while it lasts, appreciate the other person and the blessing he has brought into your life.

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My twin flame journey – about me

Hello, my name is Heli and I’m from Israel.

I would like to share with you my story about me meeting my twin flame.

It happened in April 2017 while I had a spontaneous travel to Cyprus With friends.

When I travel it was after 3 years of being divorced with three kids, and it’s been the first time in 10 years that I traveled out of my country.

I had many relationships during these three years, I’ve been in love, but there’s always been a part of the inside of me, which knew, that somewhere there is another half of me waiting for me just like I’m waiting for him.

I remember that’s while  I was flying, I was asking God to send me someone to relieve my pain and to send me some big true love and to release everything that wasn’t serving me anymore in my life and in my relationships and I wanted to start new. Or chapter in my life.

I felt that this trip has come to do a restart in my soul and I just knew the things are going to be changed in my life from now on.

On this trip, it was the first time that I slept alone in a room of my own and my friends had another room in another part of the hotel.

So for the first time in many years, I found myself alone in a different country in a beautiful suite and so alone.

On the third day of our trip, it was April 11th, and I felt so bad.

It was energetic flow that was hard to bury and I listen to some YouTube messages about horoscope and realize that This is a full moon in Libra which related to twin flames relationships and destiny meeting can occur, and that this energy has a very special effect on relationships –  especially if you have the affection of Venus in your chart and as a Libra I do have it.

And yet, I felt so bad and miserable and it was afternoon and my friends felt bad too and they were kind of sick in bed All day, so I found myself alone at the evening and told myself that all of this full moon love is bullshit.

I went down to the lobby and set at the bar and found out that there are no normal men around. So I opened Tinder app and browse.

About two minutes later I saw a nice man and I swiped right to like him, and a few seconds later he swiped back at me.

We started chatting and he said he’s living around and he looked really good. There was something in his eyes that made me see his soul and feel confident enough to tell him to call me.

We talked for a few minutes and there was something in his voice that felt so nice and made me feel really happy inside with no reason, so I asked him if you like to come over and meet me.

He said that is really tired and had a rough day but I pushed a little bit and 30 minutes later he came by to my hotel.

We talked for about 2 hours and felt very deep connection which no one of us could explain but there is some familiarity from the very first moment.

Yet, I wasn’t sure that he really likes me and all of a sudden he just kissed me and it’s been one of the most amazing kisses that I’ve ever had I felt that my heart stopped and my breath became heavy.

And then we had an intimacy which was so amazing.

At some point, I just saw our souls being united I felt some deep explosion inside of my soul,  and after that, he cuddled me and a and part of me wanted to cry,  a cry of relief,

To release hidden things inside of me that I needed to come out, and I remember looking at him and feeling like I know this man forever and not for hours.

We had an amazing night together and he cuddled me and made me feel so secure and safe like never before.


When I woke up in the morning I was sure that he’s going to leave,  and instead, he asked me if I would like To make a tour with him on the island.

I said yes while thinking to myself that I’m crazy and I don’t know this person and he could be some crazy man but something inside of me felt so safe with him that it’s hard to explain.

I told my friends that I’m going with him and to make sure within few hours.

He took me to visit in caves near the sea and it was An amazing coral blue water Bay,  and we stood on a cliff.

Suddenly he came behind me and hugged me,  I was breathing deeply the air, and then remembered that have been here many times before in some Vision I had in meditation a few years ago.

There is no doubt about the view and the cliff and the caves in the water and this Vision came out every time I asked about the true love relationship and I thought that is Vision I saw was from another lifetime, And at that moment I just realized that I saw the future.

We hung out for 30 hours together,  watching movies talking and having amazing sex until I went back to my country.

I remember that when I went on the bus to the airport I was crying I felt that there was a part of me left there with him and even though I’m not that sentimental usually, it just felt like someone was tearing us apart and that was wondering if I’m ever going to see this man again.

After I came back home he texts me and we had some texts between us, And two weeks later he asked me if I want him to come and visit me.

Suddenly things just worked out with a vacation for me and for him and with my kids and I managed to arrange some free time to meet him and to be with him and we went for a holiday in a hotel in my country.

Usually, I’m wearing makeup all the time and when was with him  I don’t I didn’t have the need for that.

We had so many intimate moments together and people who met us during this week such that we are married or together for a few years. No one believed us when we said that this is our second date.

We had such an amazing time together and when I’m comparing that to other relationships that I had I never felt so good with a person I just met and to be together for so long and to feel so good and it was natural like we always been together.

After a magical week, he went back to his country and that was crying at the airport when he was living, But I knew that I’m going to see him again.

And then we began the runner Chaser episode in a relationship and it took 2 months until I saw him again.

In the meanwhile I started searching about twin flames relationship just realized that this is it what I’m experiencing with him and even when we were apart I just felt him so deep inside of me and this is a very special type of relationship that I’m never had before and so did he.

I open this blog to share with you my journey of me and my twin flame because I know how many of you are feeling lost once you met your twin flame and the journey is just beginning for both of you and so very hard and trembling Road and I really hope that my story will inspire you and give you some tips and guidance to go through this hard time you’re going through.

Today A year later, after 6 meetings with my twin flame, my life has changed forever from this very first meeting we had.

I learned about true love about unconditional love about feeling whole while being alone and being with somebody.

Right now we’re not together but there’s a part of me that hopes we can overcome the obstacles in a relationship and there’s a therapeutic power for me in writing this blog,  and I know that it’s going to help a lot of people, dealing with twin flame connection.

I will keep updating about my relationship and I want to share with you

Some of the videos I uploaded to my YouTube channel that can give you tips

And another perspective on this whole situation and relationship to help you grow  And reunite with your twin flame.

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