Twinflames and long distance relationships separation during Corona virus – How can you handle this?

The Covid19 or Corona virus, has changed the world perspective and put us all into a new situation and change the way we live, think, feel and interact with other people.

One of the biggest effects is on Twinflames and people who are in a long-distance relationship.

The covid19 has closed the sky and effect our transportation options.

Many of the twinflames couples are experiencing a long-distance relationship and I know some, including myself, that had to cancel plans of meeting each other and to wait patiently for the limitations to be removed.

After being upset and depressed, I have to remind myself that everything is precise and happens the way it should and that so far, every time I had to meet my twinflame who live on the other side of the world – it happened.

The universe did the things that needed to happen in order for us to meet easily, no matter how much we planned, checked and prepared.

When it was the right time, things worked out easily, and it felt right.

So I had no other choice but trusting the universe that it’s just not right for us to meet right now, and gave up the idea of seeing each other, and 2 days later I met my current partner which is a very nice person and after 2 months together, I start having feeling for him and it feels right.

My twinflame is also involved with someone on the last few months but it’s not getting too serious.

We both realized that it’s probably not yet the time for us to meet, and we try to focus on the here and now.

It still doesn’t change the huge love we got for each other and we speak a few times a week and share with each other like the best friends and we still care a lot for each other.

Though I realized that being apart from each other and spending my life waiting for the next meeting can sometimes be very frustrating and emptying my energy.

Having a twinflames relationship is a different kind of love.

You don’t need to be next to your twin flame to feel or give love, you’re sharing the same energy and the same space, and you can happy for each other for their relationship and to flow with whatever comes, knowing that when it’s gonna be the right time – you will be together.

I was meditating this week about this whole connection and why he’s in my life and received a message that all lightworkers should keep doing the light work, keep the good vibe, keep spreading love and hope where there’s darkness and stay positive to help improve the collective awareness.

Once it’s the right time, everything will work out just fine, and if you were meant to be together you will be.

Try to stay tuned to the opportunities opening up for you from the universe, the people you meet, and see what’s right for you and where you need to go and to who you need to be with.

Keep sending love and good vibes to each other, that’s the best way to spread your light and love. Think positively and soon it will all over.






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