Twin flames same gender- Can twin flames be gay or transexual? Same gender twin flame

One of the most common questions about the twin flames connection or soulmates connection is whether they can be from the same sex or even when one of them is transgender.

Since twin flames connection is all about soul connection, and since it’s already known that in the last years there’s a change in our perception towards gender, so the answer is – Yes, it’s possible!

Each one of us has a feminine and masculine part inside and as the person makes spiritual work to grow, the gap between the feminine and the masculine within us is getting shorter.

Same gender twin flames

That’s why you can find today so many lesbian and gay couples that work great in harmony together – since they can get synced to both of their sides and with each other with harmony.

The old patterns of Male and Female are not relevant anymore so that people can choose the place in which they feel more comfortable to be.

You can find today a lot of sensitive man and aggressive woman or trans men or woman, that have realized their soul is not just the external body and they can be and love whoever they want.

That is also the reason why there’s a lot of transgenders coming out in the last few years.

People can’t define themselves by the regular patterns anymore and some of the soul paths are to find the right way to live in this life – in the right body form – whether it’s a male or female – and if you got the wrong body – it can definitely be fixed into the right one.

Being a transgender twinflame

Transgender people have a lot of spiritual and self-work to do in order to have the courage to be who they are and accept themselves and be in a place were the society accept them.

That’s one of the lightworkers symptoms and once they reach that promised land, there’s a great chance for them to meet their twinflame partner that will accept and love them the way they are and complete them from the feminine of masculine aspect that’s missing,  and soulmates to help them along the way with love and support through the process.

Gay or lesbian twinflames

You can see in the last years a lot of gay men or lesbian woman twinflames connection who live happily together and feel complete with each other.

So, if you are straight or bi and met this person who got into your life and you think it’s your twin flame, we suggest reading the article about twin  flame signs .

Accept that when it comes to our twinflames – the universe will make it happen and when you need to meet each other and be with each other – it’s just gonna be easy.

Try to release all the judgment and former opinions and what people have to say and search for that place that will make you feel complete and alive.


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