4 Soul Mate Myths

Nothing has produced more unhappiness than a concept of the soul mate.

Plainly, the idea of a soul mate is pervasive one, but is it real?

Where does the concept of a soul mate come from and why does it have so much influence on our understanding of love?

Which is it dangerous to put so much faith in a notion that’s extremely difficult to prove?

For many, the idea of a soul mate is rooted in destiny whether understood as fate, Gods will, or reincarnation of a former love.

Others have no clear understanding of exactly why they believe in the idea of a soul mate but still feel strongly that they’re destined to be with one specific person.

The concept of a soul mate is seductive on the thought that one man can perfectly complete, or at least complement us, is incredibly attractive.

But when things get harder, this same trust can just as easily be shaken.

What if you had been wrong,

what if this individual was really never truly your soul mate?

Surely, your true soul mate will never disappoint you, never misunderstand you, never hurt you.

Maybe your real soul mate is still out there somewhere, awaiting you.

Whilst the concept of a soul mate can never be definitively proved, neither can it be disproved.

So what harm could come from believing in twin souls, or at least hoping for one?

The problem can be that our concept of soul mates may cause us to have unrealistic anticipation for love and drives us to leave relationships that, while not entirely perfect, have real merit.

Say you have found someone special, a possible soul mate candidate.

Sadly, rarely do the heavens open up and give a clear sign that the individual you’re with is, in fact, the one.

Without such proof, it’s simple to justify a little soul mate shopping the minute your romance begins to lose excitement.

. Viable relationships are frequently tossed out, not because of irreversible problems, but because our partner didn’t quite measure up to our romantic ideals.

Particularly in long term, committed relationships or marriage, ending a solid relationship merely because you’re no longer 100% convinced your partner is your soul mate seems haphazard, even reckless.

That’s not to say we should stay in unhealthy relationships, but rather, that we should weigh the merits of a relationship objectively.

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