Relationship Break Up Guide

So you have decided to end that relationship which is not working anymore, or your partner has decided that.

Breaking up with someone is hard to weather you are the one that broke up or being dumped, it’s definitely an uncomfortable situation for both sides.

There are some things you can do to make it easier on you to heal from that heartbreak and recover easily if you follow those next few steps:

Being patient after a break-up

Being patient offers no guarantee for healing, but works a lot better than attempting to rush headlong into the next relationship and finding yourself that needs a healing and relationship breakup guidance all over again.

Taking an action

Taking action is a good way to cope with the pain of a breakup. You’ve it within your power to do positive things with your life towards the end of one relationship. Take action to make positive changes in your life. Improve yourself. Become the person you would like to be as opposed to pretending to be the person you think someone else wants you to be. Change your haircut, buy some new clothes, go out with friends.

Feel good about yourself

Not only will you be happier being alone if you like yourself, but you’ll also find that healing and relationship breakup repair is easier when you’re satisfied with yourself.

Be positive

In life, as well as healing and relationship breakup survival, the power of positive thinking is surprising in its scope.
First, individuals are drawn to positive people that we care to admit or not.
We love to hang out with somebody who sees the world as one that’s filled with possibilities as opposed to one that’s doomed to failure. Second of all, you’ll like hanging out with yourself and not feel nearly as lonely if your brain is full of positive thoughts and hope for the future instead of focusing on solitude and isolation.

Learn from your mistakes

This next step is for all those who are filled with hope for the future and ready to think about making improvements in the next relationship.

Try to think which behavior patterns you and your partner had, which caused the problems, fighting, and complaints. Try to see if there were any compromising behavior from both sides, toward the relationship.

Take some time off alone

Even if your Tinder is full of matching, take a week or two, especially after a meaningful relationship to know yourself and what you want, clear the emotional pain and come clean to the next relationship.

Allow yourself to trust again

Once you will meet someone new, allow your heart to be open and give them an honest opportunity to know you and even if your last partner hurt you, don’t decide that all of your partners will hurt you and let new people into your life.

Every person is a lesson in our life

Remind yourself that every person getting into our life is here to teach us a lesson. Thank your ex for being there, for making you open your heart and remind you what it feels to love again, don’t sink into the sorrow, and make room for someone new who will be more accurate for you.

How To Find True Love – Finding True Love Tips For Singles

If you are like the many 30-40 singles out there, you realize that you are in the prime of your life, and having fun is the name of the game.

Or, you might be out on the singles scene, making connections as you visit the city numerous hot spots.

There’s even a possibility that you have let yourself be fixed up on a blind date or two.

Whatever avenue you prefer to meet people, it never hurts to have some valuable, realistic advice from the experts as you navigate the sometimes uncertain waters of finding real, everlasting love.

We’ve asked a panel of local experts to share their top tips for finding love after the age of 30-40.

Their words of wisdom are made to assist you in finding the kind of relationship that meets your individual desires and needs at this thrilling point in your life.

From professional matchmakers to experienced relationship coaches, we’ve gathered a group of love lovers who understand what it can take for mature adults to recognize what they want and how to achieve it.

Tips for finding true love from experts: 

  • Get into the gratitude habit. When you’re grateful, you feel good with yourself and you’re in the right frame of mind to attract love into your life.
  • Acknowledging what you’ve lays the foundation to bringing great things, events and individuals into your life.
  • Set realistic relationship goals.
  • Define the values and qualities that you need to have in a life partner. Try to narrow it down to the most crucial ones. Remember, nobody is perfect. attempting to find Mr. Or Mrs. Perfect will keep you single forever.
  • Visualize relationship success. Frequently, we’re our worst enemies with regards to having a healthful self-image and a positive vision for our life.
  • Dont let yourself be influenced by pessimistic thoughts about your age. Every day couples over 40 ties the knot.
  • Love can and will happen at all ages if you’re open and receptive.
  • Take good care of yourself. A healthful lifestyle and a positive state of mind are a prerequisite for relationship success. How joyful and happy we feel is reflected in our appearance and energy level, and it’s directly connected to our personal relationships.
  • Follow your passions.
  • Live now. Many singles put their lives on hold till they meet the one. Don’t wait to make that special trip or try out a brand new restaurant.
  • Don’t say no to Dating apps – they are just another opportunity window for the universe to help you find your lover and send them to you.
  • Don’t say no to family status – Even if you’re single, don’t judge people by their status, your true love might be divorced or widow, don’t miss the chance to meet them.
  • Release expectations of how that person and the relationship need to be and trust the universe that you are where you need to be and that every person who enters into our life has a lesson to teach us.
  • If you meet someone and he’s not your type right away, or if you feel that there’s no chance you will feel passion for them, let them know at the beginning of the evening in a respectful way.
  • Make a list of your perfect partner. Write it down. Give the universe time to deliver.
  • Make sure to look good, shave, put makeup, put perfume, dress well whenever you leave the house, smell good and smile, you can never know when the love of your life will show. It will also make you feel better about yourself and will make you feel more sexy and attractive.
  • Release all of your sex buddies. If you want your true love to enter your life, you have to be in the right mood and there’s something in our energy which makes us look less interested and less into it if we had great sex last night with a friend. It blocks you emotionally and energetically and sends the message to the universe that you are not free.
  • Make a forgiveness list – Write down all the disappointments and trauma and painful occasions you had with relationships, love, and lovers. Go back in time as much as you can, try to remember situations and let them float up to the surface. Whenever a rough memory comes up, tell your self – I’m forgiving my self and that person and releasing that. It might sound like bullshit and it might make you feel emotional but it helps.
  • Keep good vibe- Meditate, listen to happy music and it will attract people with good vibes to your life.

The most important tip:

Trust the universe that your true love will arrive at the right time and on the right pace.

Keep telling yourself that your true love is arriving soon,
and they are getting prepared to meet you like you’re getting ready to meet them.

If you got more tips, please send them on the comments below.


4 Soul Mate Myths

Nothing has produced more unhappiness than a concept of the soul mate.

Plainly, the idea of a soul mate is pervasive one, but is it real?

Where does the concept of a soul mate come from and why does it have so much influence on our understanding of love?

Which is it dangerous to put so much faith in a notion that’s extremely difficult to prove?

For many, the idea of a soul mate is rooted in destiny whether understood as fate, Gods will, or reincarnation of a former love.

Others have no clear understanding of exactly why they believe in the idea of a soul mate but still feel strongly that they’re destined to be with one specific person.

The concept of a soul mate is seductive on the thought that one man can perfectly complete, or at least complement us, is incredibly attractive.

But when things get harder, this same trust can just as easily be shaken.

What if you had been wrong,

what if this individual was really never truly your soul mate?

Surely, your true soul mate will never disappoint you, never misunderstand you, never hurt you.

Maybe your real soul mate is still out there somewhere, awaiting you.

Whilst the concept of a soul mate can never be definitively proved, neither can it be disproved.

So what harm could come from believing in twin souls, or at least hoping for one?

The problem can be that our concept of soul mates may cause us to have unrealistic anticipation for love and drives us to leave relationships that, while not entirely perfect, have real merit.

Say you have found someone special, a possible soul mate candidate.

Sadly, rarely do the heavens open up and give a clear sign that the individual you’re with is, in fact, the one.

Without such proof, it’s simple to justify a little soul mate shopping the minute your romance begins to lose excitement.

. Viable relationships are frequently tossed out, not because of irreversible problems, but because our partner didn’t quite measure up to our romantic ideals.

Particularly in long term, committed relationships or marriage, ending a solid relationship merely because you’re no longer 100% convinced your partner is your soul mate seems haphazard, even reckless.

That’s not to say we should stay in unhealthy relationships, but rather, that we should weigh the merits of a relationship objectively.

Twin Flames Connection explained

The topic of twin flames is frequently misunderstood.

There are various web sites about its topic, with lots of definitions, theories, ponderings, ideals, and even experiences.

Each experience is distinctive, but it’s also pretty confusing.

What’re the basic facts about twin flames connection?

Just what exactly is a twin flame?

Once I first learned about my twin flame, I had no idea what that really meant nor had I ever even heard about the concept.

And, none of the web sites I found really could truly answer even the most elementary question without causing me major confusion.

what is a twin flame?

what’s a soul mate?

Are they the same thing?

I read so numerous different definitions that it boggled my brain.

Their answer was pretty simple: no they’re definitely not the same thing.

There are various kinds of soul mates, but the purpose of a soul mate is the same: they’re made to assist you to learn lessons, regardless of what type of lesson that could be.

These lessons, once learned, will assist the soul to evolve.

Soul mates are all part of a soul group, who contract with one another about which lessons to learn while on the Earth plane. 

Souls in the same soul group can incarnate as your lover, best friend, mother, father, grandparent, sibling, cousin, even your enemy.

You learn your life lessons with the aid of the soul mates in your soul group.

Twin flames are entirely different.

Twin flames are created by a soul, divided into two halves, each half preserves the masculine and female characteristics.

All of us have a twin flame, and no one may have one or more.

They’re the same exact vibration, and frequently have many common interests, qualities, dislikes, and likes, as well as comparable lessons to learn.


When the energies of both flames meet, it’s very vibrant since the souls recognize that bliss of being one.

But, then, it becomes more like a young kid losing interest in their most favored toy.

There’ll be arguments and resistance and in the relationship, regardless of what type of relationship it’s, will fizzle out.

You won’t have one twin who’s Jekyll and another twin that’s Mr.

The vibration is the same and as such can’t lead to wildly opposed energies within an incarnation.

Due to their close connection, the twins are frequently automatically attuned to one another and may experience everything from comparable emotions, cravings, and favored foods to have the same addictions, character flaws, thought patterns and even abilities.

Twin flames are each others mirror image from head to toe, external and internal. 

If it’s rare for twin flames to incarnate on Earth together, how do they actually meet?

When it’s the right time on the soul journey for twin flames to meet each other, the universe will create the terms and conditions that will make this meeting happen.

Usually, twin flames meet each other while one of them is traveling abroad or both, and they meet, and the magic happens with serendipity that surrounding them.