twin flame age difference – twin flame age gap and how to deal with twin flames age difference?

Twin flames age Gap is very common on twin flames relationships and twin flames connections.

Twin flames age gap can be 3 to 15 years, and usually, the gap of the years won’t mean a thing regarding to the couple’s ability to communicate or have a loving supportive relationship.

Let’s start with what is a twin flame

–  twin flame is a half of our soul.

When our soul has decided to incarnate into Earth into the third dimension into the physical body,  she split it into two pieces which have a masculine and feminine part.

Both parts of the Soul has been sent to Earth in order to ascend and evolve and have many lessons before they can meet each other.

In most cases, the two Souls twin flames are sent to the Earth in different locations.
Sometimes within few years Gap between them which can be after 15 or 20 years because each Soul has its part to do and to learn in separation before the two Souls can reunite.

Usually, we meet our twin flame in a late stage of our life, Around the age of 30 and up, after our soul has grown and been through some things and karmic relationships that needed to be solved.

Sometimes, we meet our twin flame for just a short glimpse whether it’s in Physical Realm or in our dreams ordering meditations if we Are Spiritual enough.

Twin flames reunion

But in most cases, when we reunite with our twin flames, it’s after both Souls has been through a challenge In their life,  and both of them Feel the urge to have someone to understand them and some inner feeling and knowledge that there’s another half of them out there that will make them feel complete.

Because each part of the Soul has its own way to do,  before the souls reunite,  this is the universe way,  to make sure they will meet when the time is right.

 Twin flame age difference – twin flame age gap and how to deal with twin flames age difference?

Usually, age Gap twin flames relationships happen in the late stage in our lives,  so most of us won’t even consider having this person as a potential partner, but after we grow up and have a relationship or two, Our whole perspective is changing,  And then we can consider this person to be our partner.

In most cases, twin flames partners are born in different countries, And sometimes even different continents and they speak different languages.

When twin flames reunite with each other, it happens in a way that makes the whole universe to do things in order for this meeting to happen.

Whether it’s during travel usually and plan to travel, whether it’s on some event you’re in without planning before, and it feels like serendipity has happened in order for this meeting to happen between those two Souls.

It can be someone who sits next to you on the plane. Twin flame can be your teacher on a course you didn’t plan to do, and most twin flames will tell you that it seems like so much had to attend in the universe in order for them to meet each other and reunite.

Once meeting your twin flame, there’s a sense of familiarity to both of Souls and you will feel after few minutes or instantly that you know each other for a long time.

This happens because you probably spend a lifetime together or few past life incarnations before this lifetime.

Most twin flames will say that despite the age Gap which sometimes is very big, they still, had a very special connection with your twin flame from the very first moment and that age Gap wasn’t a problem for them.

Why there’s twin flame age gap ?

In some cases, one of the twin souls in incarnating to earth before the other one because it has some issues to solve.

So, if your twin flame is bigger or smaller than you once you meet each other, both of you will have a journey to do before you can be reunited forever, and sometimes are twin flame enter into a life in order to trigger some higher evolving and to make us grow with or without them.

Meeting your twin flame

You can be sure that meeting your twin flame will change your life forever because you will feel unconditional love and receive unconditional love,  that will change your whole perspective about relationships emotions and love.

If you’ve met your twin flame and he or she is bigger or smaller than you, And you’re feeling good with this relationship, and once it’s your TwinFlame-  you will feel amazing-  try to avoid What other people have to say about this relationship and connection,  because this is Once in a lifetime relationship and it’s very valuable.

Most twin flames relationships experiencing challenges related to age and distance gaps, so try not to fall to this trap and create unnecessary difficult with your twin-flame partner.

Being in a relationship of twin souls is the most fulfilling relationship you can have.

This relationship will make you feel complete and whole again.

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