How To Find True Love – Finding True Love Tips For Singles

If you are like the many 30-40 singles out there, you realize that you are in the prime of your life, and having fun is the name of the game.

Or, you might be out on the singles scene, making connections as you visit the city numerous hot spots.

There’s even a possibility that you have let yourself be fixed up on a blind date or two.

Whatever avenue you prefer to meet people, it never hurts to have some valuable, realistic advice from the experts as you navigate the sometimes uncertain waters of finding real, everlasting love.

We’ve asked a panel of local experts to share their top tips for finding love after the age of 30-40.

Their words of wisdom are made to assist you in finding the kind of relationship that meets your individual desires and needs at this thrilling point in your life.

From professional matchmakers to experienced relationship coaches, we’ve gathered a group of love lovers who understand what it can take for mature adults to recognize what they want and how to achieve it.

Tips for finding true love from experts: 

  • Get into the gratitude habit. When you’re grateful, you feel good with yourself and you’re in the right frame of mind to attract love into your life.
  • Acknowledging what you’ve lays the foundation to bringing great things, events and individuals into your life.
  • Set realistic relationship goals.
  • Define the values and qualities that you need to have in a life partner. Try to narrow it down to the most crucial ones. Remember, nobody is perfect. attempting to find Mr. Or Mrs. Perfect will keep you single forever.
  • Visualize relationship success. Frequently, we’re our worst enemies with regards to having a healthful self-image and a positive vision for our life.
  • Dont let yourself be influenced by pessimistic thoughts about your age. Every day couples over 40 ties the knot.
  • Love can and will happen at all ages if you’re open and receptive.
  • Take good care of yourself. A healthful lifestyle and a positive state of mind are a prerequisite for relationship success. How joyful and happy we feel is reflected in our appearance and energy level, and it’s directly connected to our personal relationships.
  • Follow your passions.
  • Live now. Many singles put their lives on hold till they meet the one. Don’t wait to make that special trip or try out a brand new restaurant.
  • Don’t say no to Dating apps – they are just another opportunity window for the universe to help you find your lover and send them to you.
  • Don’t say no to family status – Even if you’re single, don’t judge people by their status, your true love might be divorced or widow, don’t miss the chance to meet them.
  • Release expectations of how that person and the relationship need to be and trust the universe that you are where you need to be and that every person who enters into our life has a lesson to teach us.
  • If you meet someone and he’s not your type right away, or if you feel that there’s no chance you will feel passion for them, let them know at the beginning of the evening in a respectful way.
  • Make a list of your perfect partner. Write it down. Give the universe time to deliver.
  • Make sure to look good, shave, put makeup, put perfume, dress well whenever you leave the house, smell good and smile, you can never know when the love of your life will show. It will also make you feel better about yourself and will make you feel more sexy and attractive.
  • Release all of your sex buddies. If you want your true love to enter your life, you have to be in the right mood and there’s something in our energy which makes us look less interested and less into it if we had great sex last night with a friend. It blocks you emotionally and energetically and sends the message to the universe that you are not free.
  • Make a forgiveness list – Write down all the disappointments and trauma and painful occasions you had with relationships, love, and lovers. Go back in time as much as you can, try to remember situations and let them float up to the surface. Whenever a rough memory comes up, tell your self – I’m forgiving my self and that person and releasing that. It might sound like bullshit and it might make you feel emotional but it helps.
  • Keep good vibe- Meditate, listen to happy music and it will attract people with good vibes to your life.

The most important tip:

Trust the universe that your true love will arrive at the right time and on the right pace.

Keep telling yourself that your true love is arriving soon,
and they are getting prepared to meet you like you’re getting ready to meet them.

If you got more tips, please send them on the comments below.


twin flame age difference – twin flame age gap and how to deal with twin flames age difference?

Twin flames age Gap is very common on twin flames relationships and twin flames connections.

Twin flames age gap can be 3 to 15 years, and usually, the gap of the years won’t mean a thing regarding to the couple’s ability to communicate or have a loving supportive relationship.

Let’s start with what is a twin flame

–  twin flame is a half of our soul.

When our soul has decided to incarnate into Earth into the third dimension into the physical body,  she split it into two pieces which have a masculine and feminine part.

Both parts of the Soul has been sent to Earth in order to ascend and evolve and have many lessons before they can meet each other.

In most cases, the two Souls twin flames are sent to the Earth in different locations.
Sometimes within few years Gap between them which can be after 15 or 20 years because each Soul has its part to do and to learn in separation before the two Souls can reunite.

Usually, we meet our twin flame in a late stage of our life, Around the age of 30 and up, after our soul has grown and been through some things and karmic relationships that needed to be solved.

Sometimes, we meet our twin flame for just a short glimpse whether it’s in Physical Realm or in our dreams ordering meditations if we Are Spiritual enough.

Twin flames reunion

But in most cases, when we reunite with our twin flames, it’s after both Souls has been through a challenge In their life,  and both of them Feel the urge to have someone to understand them and some inner feeling and knowledge that there’s another half of them out there that will make them feel complete.

Because each part of the Soul has its own way to do,  before the souls reunite,  this is the universe way,  to make sure they will meet when the time is right.

 Twin flame age difference – twin flame age gap and how to deal with twin flames age difference?

Usually, age Gap twin flames relationships happen in the late stage in our lives,  so most of us won’t even consider having this person as a potential partner, but after we grow up and have a relationship or two, Our whole perspective is changing,  And then we can consider this person to be our partner.

In most cases, twin flames partners are born in different countries, And sometimes even different continents and they speak different languages.

When twin flames reunite with each other, it happens in a way that makes the whole universe to do things in order for this meeting to happen.

Whether it’s during travel usually and plan to travel, whether it’s on some event you’re in without planning before, and it feels like serendipity has happened in order for this meeting to happen between those two Souls.

It can be someone who sits next to you on the plane. Twin flame can be your teacher on a course you didn’t plan to do, and most twin flames will tell you that it seems like so much had to attend in the universe in order for them to meet each other and reunite.

Once meeting your twin flame, there’s a sense of familiarity to both of Souls and you will feel after few minutes or instantly that you know each other for a long time.

This happens because you probably spend a lifetime together or few past life incarnations before this lifetime.

Most twin flames will say that despite the age Gap which sometimes is very big, they still, had a very special connection with your twin flame from the very first moment and that age Gap wasn’t a problem for them.

Why there’s twin flame age gap ?

In some cases, one of the twin souls in incarnating to earth before the other one because it has some issues to solve.

So, if your twin flame is bigger or smaller than you once you meet each other, both of you will have a journey to do before you can be reunited forever, and sometimes are twin flame enter into a life in order to trigger some higher evolving and to make us grow with or without them.

Meeting your twin flame

You can be sure that meeting your twin flame will change your life forever because you will feel unconditional love and receive unconditional love,  that will change your whole perspective about relationships emotions and love.

If you’ve met your twin flame and he or she is bigger or smaller than you, And you’re feeling good with this relationship, and once it’s your TwinFlame-  you will feel amazing-  try to avoid What other people have to say about this relationship and connection,  because this is Once in a lifetime relationship and it’s very valuable.

Most twin flames relationships experiencing challenges related to age and distance gaps, so try not to fall to this trap and create unnecessary difficult with your twin-flame partner.

Being in a relationship of twin souls is the most fulfilling relationship you can have.

This relationship will make you feel complete and whole again.

What does twin flame means? Is a twin flame is a soulmate? Twin flame connection explanation

If you heard before the new age term for spiritual connection between people which called “Twin flames“, you were probably wondering what it means.

We meet a lot of people in our lives in all kind of ways – Through our work, travel, meeting in the park, when some of them are soul friends – people who shared time or lifetime with us in our previous past life or incarnations.

Even if you don’t believe in that, stay till the end..

Some of the people we are close to in our life – such as our family members, our kids, our partners in life or business – are from our soul group.

You can recognize them once you feel very attached and close to someone with emotions or immediate affection or even hate involved, and both of you have come to work on karmatic issues together.

How to recognize a soul mate?

Usually, we got an instant connection with them, from those people that after few hours together you feel like you know each other for all of your life.

Another thing is that you care about each other, you help them or they help you and there’s a very supportive connection.

Our soulmates usually stay for a long period in our life, and even if you’ve been apart from them for years, every time you meet each other you still feel mutual love to each other.

Sometimes soulmates can be romantic partners of us, but at some point it’s not gonna work and you will stay good friends and take care of each other all of your life.

We can have few or many soulmates in our life, and once the lesson we came to solve is solved, they will usually move on to the next soulmate and evolvement in their own path.

And yet, we can only have just one twinflame.

What is a Twin flame? Twin flame connection signs

A twinflame is the other half of our soul.

There’s 144,000 people on earth which incarnated as twinflames.

When the soul incarnated to earth to the physical body, it has been split into two parts – two halvs that complete each other – A masculine and a feminine part.

Twinflames are lightworkers with some soul missions and once each part of them has finished most of the things he needed to do here, the other twinflame will come into our life for twinflames reunion.

Twin flames reunion – Twinflames reunion

Once we meet our twin flame it will activate something deep within our soul, awaken us and show us what true unconditional love feels like, and we get connected to our inner source, together with our other half.

You can read more about Twin flames signs here, and how to recognize them.

Once you met your twin flame, your relationships will never be the same.
It’s like the most divine connection between two people, in all kinds of levels.

It’s pure unconditional love and you feel that you never get enough of it and that time stops by.

You know each other from the very first moment and the passion between you is something you’ve never experienced before.

You both feel mutual emotions to each other.

There’s no need for drama, ego, or to hide yourself.

You can feel and read each other and complete each other’s sentences.

You come from different places and share the same values for life.

The good and the bad part of it is that you can’t forget them or ignore that amazing unique connection you got with each other and sometimes it hurts because you can’t always be together right away, and there’s a path that both of you need to go through.

But once you’re together, it’s the best thing you will experience.

Twin flames reunion is when your soul is coming back home.

Twin flames separation after reunion

In most cases, after meeting your twinflame, there’s a separation which needed for both twins to keep growing and walk on their path, before they can manifest the relationship and live together.

Twin flames Runner Chaser

Usually one of them is running away, while the other one is chasing.

That meeting is so powerful and meaningfull and it open your heart and change your life forever and people are scared of that.

As I wrote – it’s the best thing that can happen to you and the worse, because you can’t live without it and you get addicted to it like a drug. Your soul is attracted like a magnet to your twinflame and both of you need each other so bad that it hurts.

In some cases twin flames meet each other when one of them is still married or unavailable or too far away, and it triggers a lot of things which are hard to handle with, so it’s easier to run away and try to avoid these emotions because it’s not comfortable.
When it’s your true twinflame, you can’t ignore this relationship for too long and the universe will give you the signs and create the circumstances that will make you be with each other and meet on the right time and the right place.

Our twinflame is our mirror.

They will show us the good and the bad part of ourselves, without filters.

They will make us feel like we’re home, and they can piss us because they can see right through us. You can’t lie or hide things from them.

They know you in the best way, they know what you need, even if you know each other for just 1 day.

If you reach here, you probably met or will meet your twinflame soon,.

That’s the universe way to tell you that you’re on the right path and that it’s possible.

Just keep the good vibe, keep believing and stay on the good side of karma.

For more further questions you can leave your comments or write to me :




Twinflames signs – twin flames signs for recognizing your twinflame

If you reach this article, you probably got into a weird unique relationship with a special person and a very weird but amazing connection.

Twinflames are two parts of the soul which got separated during incarnating into the physical body, while getting down to the 3rd dimension on earth.

The two parts of the soul arrive here with a mission, with lessons, and the twinflames souls are light workers.

Twin flames arrive this planet as good harmonic people with a lot of positivity and emphathy to other people, and they usualy grow in a very challenging enviroment which has everything but harmony – which leads them into spiritual work and growth, in order to find that peacefull place inside them.

Usually the twin souls find themselves with rough, unsupportive partner, who lower their high vibration, critisizing them and make them loose their great power of light and love.

Through that struggle, they learn to find their balance, center, and get their light back to influence other people with their life story, energy and love.

Once two twinsouls find each other, they can restore their strength and light and get connected to their inner core light, to be complete again and be like a light house to the people around them.

Meeting our twinflames happens when we start to be ready to relaease all the old limitations and old beliefs from our life, in order to become who we’re meant to be – strong powerful loving light workers.

Twin souls who partner with people that shares with them karmatic issues through many incarnations, came to this lifetime in order to close that carma and reunite with their other part – their twinflame.

They always feel and know deep inside that there’s someone special waiting for them and that one day they gonna meet their other half.

Once it happens – everything falls into place and there’s this sense of completion.

So what are twinflames signs?

Well, there’s many signs that can fit into twinflame relationship, and most of them will be in soulmate connection too.

After being in a relationship with a false twinflame and then meeting my true twinflame – now I know the differences and I would like to share them with you.

When destiny isinvolved – a destiny meeting
Once meeting your twin flame, it usually happens when one or both of you are not in their natural enviroment, maybe during a trip or visiting someone you haven’t seen for years. One or both of you will feel the urgh to be in a certain place on certain time.

On my case with my twinflame – He’s from Costa Rica and I’m from Israel, we met in Amsterdam. Both of us didn’t plan to go there and it was a last minute spontanious decision to go there. We arrived at the same time, opened Tinder, and start chatting.. Isn’t it amazing?

Twinflames look alike

Most twinflames lookalike. There are some cases that they don’t, but once I met my true twin flame which was born on the other side of the world, I couldn’t help noticing how much we look alike. When I posted pictures of us together on my facebook, I received a lot of messages from friends and even from my mom that he really looks like me! So there’s no doubt here.. People will tell you that you remind of each other.

You love the same food

Once meeting your twinflame, your Coulinary choices will be quite the same. I remember that I heard like 2 years ago that if you are vegeterian, your twin flame will probably be a vegi too. But my false twin flame was a meat lover while I was vegeterian when we met.
When I met my true twinflame, he told me that he is vegeterian and something inside of me was like – yea, of course you are vegeterian, you’re my twinflame!
Beside that – we love the same things and dislike other – such as certain vegetables or tastes. It’s so much fun cooking together because we just got the same things that we love to eat – so everyone’s happy!

You love the same music
One of the things that suprised me when I met my true twinflame is that we share the same songs on our playlists, love the same old bands and music and we grew in different parts of the planet. So beside his metallica, we get along great with all the rest..

You share the same interests and hobbies

You will discover that when it comes to your twin flame, both of you will love the same things. In our case we both love to meditate, we’re spiritual people, both of us were playing on instruments for years and we are very creative and musical, we love to travel and sharing time together even for long periods makes us feel alive.

You got the same background with parallel timelines

You will find that usually your twinflame is from the same emotional background as yours, from childhood, through your most important relationships, and you will find the same patterns with your exes.

In my twinflame and my relationship – both of us had a rough divorce process that around the same time, and it still going on and our exes behave exactly the same with the same patterns and we can understand each other pain and struggles well.

Twinflames intimacy and sexuality

When you’re getting intimate with your twinflame, it feels like someone has light a strong fire in your body and you’re like magnets that can’t disconnect. You both get full of passion, there’s crazy chemistry and the feromones are from the kind that will make you get addicted to each other’s body odoure even when your partner is sweating.
You get charged from each other with a strong passion that can keep both of you in bed for days or weeks if it was possible and once you get connected – twinflame sex is the best sex you’ve ever had! If you are a spiritual person, you will feel the crazy energy vortex that surrounding your bodies. Usually you will be turned on from the same things and once there’s a touch, you just know their body and they know yours and you will feel open without any boundries. There’s a sense of familiarity and you both will feel safe, and the first time will feel like it’s your husband or your wife and your body will react with confident, but it’s gonna be amazing.

Twinflames connection energy

Your energy level is high and positive and you will radient from light that comes out of you and you will hear everyone around you saying that you’re looking good and what have changed in your face.

You are surrounded with the healing power of love energy that charge your body and soul , heal your heart and make you feel loved and adored – which raise your vibration together into higher level – which leads into growth and abondance in your life in other areas.

You and your twinflame know each other

When you meet your twinflame for the first time, you will feel like you are old friends or partners that shared a lifetime or few years together. You feel comfortable with each other so there’s no need in masks or drama, no need to impress, you can be yourself and so is your partner.

When I met my true twinflame, after 2.5 days together I knew inside that I wanna spend the rest of my life with him and I know it’s gonna be amazing and that it’s gonna work perfectly. Today, 7 months later, I still feel that.

I met my twinflame as mentioned during a trip to Amsterdam. We spent 2.5 magical days together until we separated. 2.5 months later I travelled 12,000 km to visit him in Costa Rica for 10 days at his home. Everyone told my that I’m crazy and who knows who he really is and what his intensions are, but I knew deep inside. we felt after 5 minutes like we’re living together for years, it felt so natural sitting next to him in his car while his driving, taking a shower together, cooking in his kitchen and doing regular day to day things like we’re sharing a life together. It’s hard to explain but that’s the way it feels and it’s nothing like any relationship you’ve experienced before and I had few of them over the last years.

Twinflames from different countries

In order to keep both souls apart until the right moment in time will arrive, the universe likes to separate us from our twinflames, in order for both sides will do the necessary work to solve karmatic lessons.

Trust the universe, that when the time will be right for you to reunite or live together at some point, things will just work out.

In our case, it looks like not-so-funny-joke of the universe to make us meet from two distanced parts of the world into this amazing relationship, when both of us have obligations of family, that not allowing us to live together right now. Yet, both of us knows that this is what we want and we will wait more if needed.

Twinflames Age gap

That thing is Very common in twin flames connections, since sometimes one of the souls has some more life lessons to accomplish in this incarnation before meeting her twinsoul. Twin flames age gap can be between 1 year to 20 years. In my case however, we only got 3 years apart, not that it really matters.

Astrology – go check your chart

When I wanted to get some proof for this relationship to be real, I checked our charts and found out that out of 12 houses, we share 7 houses, we both got ascendant in pisces, I’m A libra and he is Tauros, so we both got affect from Venus on our sun sign, and his moon is in scorpio and my Venus is in scorpio too. So there’s a lot of understanding of each other’s way of thinking and emotions.

I also asked my proffesional astrologer and she said that we got a rare connection and compatibility and she saw in our charts what’s hard to explain to people about our relationship and why it’s so strong and why it has what it takes to work.

Just find some proffesional astrologer to approve that to you.


Even though you and your twinflame are apart from each other, you are feeling close, you can feel each other, dream of each other and you know what they feel and think without needing them to say it.

There’s no chance in hiding your emotions from each other because you can read them and they can read you, so it makes the intimacy and connection to become more open.

You can feel close even when you are far

Since the universe locate you in most chances far from each other, you might have to go through a separation period.

Yet, you will find it possible to handle because you feel them in your soul.

I don’t feel any lonelieness also thanks for the digital communication we got throu videochat, and sometimes all I need in a rough day is 2 seconds of looking into his eyes on a live chat and that’s it.

I’m willing to wait even though I don’t have too because I know that nothing is gonna be like that. Ever. So why bother?

I will just wait till the next time we will meet.

It makes you be a better person

When your surrounded by the loving energy of your twin flame vibe, it’s hard to make you angry or mad for long. We are still humans with emotions, but once you’re flying on clouds and wake up happy and going to sleep with happiness and love in your heart, you want the world to become a better place, you want to spread that love and shout out to the world how happy you are in your little kingdom with your twinflame.

Being with your twinflame is a gift.

You just know beyond any doubt that this is the person you’ve been waiting for all of your life and it’s the most magical feeling.

You are invited to add more twinflame signs of your own on the comments.

Thank you and take care – Helie.