Twin Flames Both Married To Someone Else What To Do – Should I Get Divorce For My Twin Flame?

One of the hardest things in twin flames connection is bad timing.

It’s hard enough realizing that all your life there’s that perfect someone for you who search for you too and lived not too satisfying life so far without you, but once both of you are married or in a relationship with family or kids, it’s much harder.

What can you do if you and your twin flame are both married but not to each other? 

Let’s try to solve this thing and first – you must check if this is your true twinflame.

Once married people get to the routine of family life and sometimes one or two of the parties stops investing in the relationship, it makes one or both of them feel a huge emotional and sometimes physical void, and it leads into loneliness.

And then the knight on the white horse or the shining princess arrives, they both lonely, in need and they find exactly what they were searching for to complete all the missing things in their marriage life.

It’s easy. You got together just the fun part of the relationship, no kids, no bills, no boring routine and this strong passion that light up your life.

There’s no judgment because you are in love and blinded and you find someone who shares the same frustration, which gives your connection a stable ground to start from and you are right away sure that this is your one and true love – You have found your twinflame!

Reality check – is this really your twin flame

Since a lover is getting into our life when we are in a very big need for love and affection and so are they, and they light this fire of passion within us, it’s hard to determine if this is a true twinflame or just a soulmate who came into our life to trigger us to recheck our life, our relationships, our goals, and our needs.

Just try to think about it that after not eating for 2 weeks, even a dried bread will be tasty.. You understand what I mean?


Don’t rush to conclusions that this is your true twinflame.

Don’t rush to break up your marriage life.

I see people falling in love with the fantasy of dreamy lover, and they mess their whole life to discover that once the thrill and excitement of the secret lover or secret relationship is gone, there’s less fire and passion and you have to deal with divorce and the wrecks of what used to be your family. And sometimes it ends up bad.

If you are sure that this is your twinflame, great.

Now try to take a time out and to eliminate that person from your life.

Take a month or two to try and restore the love with your partner at home.

Try to give them for a while the same love, warmth, and affection you are giving to your lover.

Take them to a romantic holiday, even for just one night in a hotel from time to time, buy them small gifts, treat them as they are your lover without expecting to get anything back!

Yes, they will notice the change, they might or not respect you more and treat you better.

Try to disconnect from your lover as hard as it is for 2 months. 

See if there’s any change at home if you are in less need to get something from the outside, because if you gonna get to divorce at some point – you will know that you tried to do everything you can to make this marriage to work.

If you will decide to separate from your husband or wife, you will be complete with the decision – knowing you did it for yourself and not for someone else.

And again – It might be your twin flame and it may not, but if you both decide to break your family – no one promise you that it will be mutual.

No one promise they won’t change their mind at the crucial moment when they realize the consequences.

You should get a divorce when you feel you’re not getting enough from your relationship and when you know things won’t get better after you tried everything you could.

My Twin flame is married to someone else and I am single

If you find the most amazing partner and they are married to someone else, give them the time and space to evaluate their marriage and their partner.

Make sure you’re not just feeling a big emotional lack your partner has as result from a sad lonely marriage life.

I know it’s hard but if you really think that this is your twinflame and it’s a mutual feeling, let them know you will wait for them once they will be available for you – emotionally and physically – no matter how amazing is the sex between you – but do it for yourself because as long as you are the third wheel – no one promise you it won’t end up with a heartbreak.

If this is your true twin flame, trust the universe that they won’t be able to ignore the strong awakening in their soul and that at some point they will leave their marriage, but you don’t want to be the reason for that.

If you need to be together it will happen by itself, but don’t compromise.

If you decided to get divorced 

Good for you, just make sure you are doing that for the right reasons for yourself and not for someone else.

Happiness will come.

If this is your twinflame – they will come at the right time for the relationship to grow.

It won’t be an easy journey but in order to have a relationship with your twinflame and live together, you need to be whole inside and together you will create a new thing.

Sometimes a lover is mistaken to be a twinflame and they are usually soulmates who come to help us or awaken us to start living our life.


All I’m saying is to lower your expectations and make sure you are synced with each other and your goals.

Try to take some time off with your lover for 2-3 days together to see how you work out together when its more than just short meetings for sex.

Don’t rush.

Once you are sure this is your twinflame – do your things and give them time to sort their life too and then allow the universe to lead both of you to the right time and place.

Try to consult an astrologer about the best time to do that change.

Astrologers can predict divorce or marriage or significant relationship so you can know better how valuable this lover is to your life.

Good luck and you can write to me to :



What To Do If Your Twinflame Relationship Is Over? twin flames separation pain

I wanna talk to you today about something which is less nice in twinflames relationships – what to do when you’re twinflame relationship is over and how to deal with twinflame separation pain.

What you can do when your twin flame decides that it’s over for him or for her?

It can happen for a few reasons:
maybe it’s not a real twin flame- it’s a fake twinflame or just a soulmate.

maybe it’s not yet the time for you to be together, because you know as we said our twin flame is the love of our life and they need to accept us unconditionally and this is everlasting love.
But sometimes it’s not the right time or they are not ready yet for accomplishing this relationship.

so anyway I want to talk to what you can do once it’s over and I can share from my personal story of meeting my false twin flame about a year ago.
For almost a year I was sure he is my twinflame.

He had most of the signs for twinflame relationship, besides a few little differences.
At some point, he decided to move on with someone else, and though I had a very intense strong love for him, I just knew inside that if he is my true twinflame, things will change and we will be together eventually.

I knew that it’s his call because we were living in different countries, and I couldn’t move myself to his country and he could, but decided not to.

As I decided to release and let the universe make us meet again if we need to, I moved on with my life.
4 months later I met my true twinflame on a trip to Europe.
Just then I realized that the first one was probably a soulmate.

Twin flames separation – what can you do about it

As painful as it sounds, you just need to move on with your life.
You need to accept that you might be together and you might not.
Be happy for that magical thing happened inside of you that has awakened your soul, triggered things and help you grow.

I believe you have arrived in this article and into this channel because you were
searching about Twin Flames or soulmate or special connection and you have discovered that there’s the thing called Twin Flames and you think that you had it.

Put your pain to the side for a second and try to look at how spiritual growth you had since you met this person who came into your life –
whether they are your Twin Flames or not.

They made you grow and they made you search and try to find the answers to the
situation and try to be a better person.

Our twinflames makes us be better humans

Our Twin Flames make us grow in order to allow us to be open emotionally and spiritually.
They are unlocking our soul energy.

And sometimes – as it happened to me – it was just a preview to our true twinflame that need to arrive. It’s a preparation to open us to this idea.

My true twinflame is from Costa Rica and I’m from the middle east – the other side of the world.
If I didn’t have the experience with the false twin flame and if I hadn’t read about, I probably miss the chance to be together with my true twin flame with all the distance and challenges we had.
But yet, exploring this whole twinflames thing and knowing the signs- has allowed me to identify him as my true twinflame within few hours and to be able to feel that connection.

Our twin flame is our mirror

being in a relationship with your twin flame is being with a relationship with yourself.
once you feel this unconditional love and this wholeness inside of you, you can feel complete with yourself and then you can make your dreams come into your life and keep the spiritual work to grow.

Meeting our twinflame changes our perspective on life.
We become a better version of yourself.
We are in love and we want to feel better and spread this love all over.
It opens a door to abundance and opportunities to get into your life because you are synced with the energy of the universe which brought you to meet each other and experience this magic.

All you have to do now is trust the universe to meet you again at the right time and place.

Try to build your carreer, your business, try to take all this frustration on creation and being creative.

Try to see how you can keep your vibration high and help other people find their path.
Trust me, that can only get you closer to meeting your twinflame.

Be open to meeting new people, because maybe your true twinflame is on the way.

When I got separated from my false twinflame, I was sure he is the one.
We had such a good harmony and connection, but I knew I had to move on so I didn’t stop myself from living and exploring myself and the world.

I noticed I’m still in sync with the universe and did all I can to keep being happy.

When your twinflame don’t want you

If your twin flame says he doesn’t love you anymore – you need to let go of him or her.
Don’t let the anger or the ego to bother you or disturb and just release them with love and light.
You should tell them that you love them and you will be here and if it’s gonna be right you gonna be together.

In the last few years, there are so many crazy energetic shifts that create changes and sometimes rock our world.
Try to be on the flow of life and energy and let life lead you to the right place and the right people.

I can tell you that with my true twinflames – we separated two days after meeting each other and it was so painful to both of us, but we knew it’s impossible to be in a relationship with 12,000 km between us.
And yet, when it was right – I suddenly had a big amount of money and free time to go for 10 days to see him, and in the last 7 months we’ve been together 4 times for a total of 40 days – we both divorced very busy parents.
So we learn not to plan and just wait for the universe to send us the opportunity.

We tried to break up many times but we know that we will never find this kind of connection with anyone, and sometimes it’s enough that we don’t speak much in 2-3 busy days to take us out of balance.

We don’t know if we will meet each other in 2 or 5 months, but we both trust the universe that we will meet at the right time and place and it’s gonna work out easily.

You can try to meet new people, don’t spend your life crying and being stuck when they are not available or even married.
Let them have their processing and you can also find good love with a soulmate that can help to ease your pain.

Ask things to happen for the good of all the people involved, and just let it go.

I’m sending you a lot of love and light,
Good luck on your journey,