Twin flame connection too intense – Reasons And What To Do

I want to talk to you about something that a lot of people ask me through emails about twin flames connection being too intense and what can you do about it.

Well, the first thing you should know about twin flames connection is that when you meet your twin flame, it’s like when two parts of your soul are meeting again.

It’s like that you have been separated for decades or even few lifetimes and suddenly you meet each other again, so yes,  there’s a lot of intensity because it feels like you’ve been married for someone for 20 years and then you got separated when love didn’t die, and you meet each other again.

Your whole body feels excited and energetic and you feel like you got back a piece of your soul.

You feel complete again. 

So this is the intensity that you’re getting once meeting your twin flame and if you’re a person which is not too spiritual before and if you’re after having very hard problematic relationships or being hurt in the past, reuniting with your twin flame is something that can hit you like a lightning strike.

This is something that is so intense, and feels like your whole body reacts to this meeting and you want to see them again and you  just want to have each other and it’s sometimes can be so scary because you will feel like you’re losing your grip on reality and you feel like time has stopped and you’re in another dimension with your twin flame when you are together.

It’s like the whole universe stops for a second or four hours or four days or whenever you’re together and this is something that makes you feel like you’re losing control.

You both attracted to each other like strong magnet and you just want to see them and you have no idea why and they also don’t know why because this is a powerful, intense and crazy connection like anything you felt before in any relationship in the past.

That’s why this twinflame relationship is so intense –

because there are two souls and there is a lot of familiarities and you feel like you came back home.

you feel like you’ve met your other half – the one you’ve been waiting for all your life.

They are there and it’s real and it feels like fantasy and it feels too perfect to be true and no one around you can understand that connection and people think you got crazy.

You are happy and in love with your heart open and it does not always allow you to live the dream of the two of you together and don’t know what to do about it because part of you is afraid that’s gonna end,
and part of  you is afraid that it’s not real and you’re fantasizing and it hits both of you in a very strong way.

it takes control of your life and changes your perspective forever, so that’s why it’s so intense.

You got no idea what you can do about it.

If you’re aware of this whole twin flame relationship behavior – usually one of the partners is more evolved spirituality and the other one is less.

What you can do is to take some space between you.

Let them be the chaser and not runner in the relationship.

Try to be busy from time to time and let them find the need for you within themselves.

I remember when being with my twin flame for a few intense days together,  and every once in a while it was like I needed to get some space – like going out to the grocery shop or going out to get some air even for few minutes just to feel him away and then getting back to him and it was so good.

When you are together with your twinflame there’s a strong energetic intensity that needs to get balanced or relaxed sometimes.

Some people react with diarrhea or even illness because of this intensity of the energy between you that need to be synced.

Usually, before meeting your twinflame your body will feel this energetic tension so it can be hard to sleep before or after. Try to meditate or do chakra balance meditation with crystal bowls on youtube. just search for one like that. it really helps!

Twinflames vibration

When you meet your twinflame , the energetic connection vibrates in a very high frequency and you both need to adjust to that.

It’s especially hard if one or both of you are married to someone else because it can be too intense and you will need that quiet place to get balanced and digest this connection.

Your soul and heart are being nurtured by this connection and once it’s not there next to you, it feels like you are empty inside.

In case that one of the twinflames has been alone for a long time with his heart closed, it can freak them out and make them run away even though you are the most amazing thing that has happened to them. But don’t worry. if they are your twinflames – they will be back.

Just let them digest it and sort things out within themselves.

Let them know how you feel about them and that you are waiting for them and give them time and space they need.

It might take a few days, months, and even years, but if you chase them when they are still not ready – it might make them run away more.
Just trust the universe, be patient and keep your self busy with things that make you feel good about yourself.

Trust the universe that if you met once, you will meet again at the right time and in the right place. Respect the process they need to go through and give them and you the time.

Ask yourself what you can learn from this situation and what things you still need to solve with yourself in order to manifest this relationship.

No one knows what’s gonna happen but just try to understand them and don’t be mad at them if they need space.

Try to enjoy this while you can because it’s not always forever and I do hope that it will be for you.

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